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One Drawing Challenge: 100 Drawings That Tell Powerful Stories About Architecture by Architizer

Architizer is thrilled to reveal the 100 Finalists for the 2020 One Drawing Challenge, architecture’s biggest drawing competition! Here is what I am including of the images that I really enjoyed and was purposeful

“Mind Palace” by Mylan Thuroczy, Manchester School of Architecture

“My drawing shows architecture as existing in the mind, being the experience and memory of an individual living in the digital age.

Today, through the internet we are exposed to many imaginary worlds and architecture is highly visual. Our surroundings and the digital space we inhabit blend into each other. Through images we are exposed to extraordinary buildings from all around the world, however, find ourselves living our lives hardly noticing our close environment. There is also no common agenda on what is good architecture, it is an infinite scroll of endless possibilities.

The image reflects the visual nature of the field and would like to encourage to experience architecture involving more senses. It also proposes that to design we first have to make sense of all the information available and construct a ’Mind Palace’ which is worth to build from and build upon.”

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