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One Drawing Challenge: 100 Drawings That Tell Powerful Stories About Architecture... #2 my favs

The gaming generation of today should be able to make sense out of this..

“Hacking Robin Hood Garden” by Ryan Wai Yin Tung, Bartlett School of Architecture (UCL)

“Hacking RHG” is a testbed showing how gaming can be used as a methodology to explore a different way that residents can engage with architecture. By playing against the rules, the algorithm of the game is turned into a planning system, capable of evaluating the best strategy of the collective bottom-up approach.

Under the strict building and maintenance rules of social housing in London, a lot of brutalist housing prototypes in London is being demolished so as to create more housing stock such as the Robin Hood Gardens. The approach translates design principles into a board game to reimagine, repurpose and reconfigure spaces and materials found on-site. Besides, it also incorporates a variety of building rules, new add ons, informal programs, and a new circulation system to reactive the lost dream “street in the sky” for Robin Hood Gardens.”

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