Architecture is sometimes inexpressible; it is an all-encompassing field embracing the use of technology, art, science and even economics… without losing the sense of culture and spirituality. For me architecture is a tool bringing life to the surrounding areas and within, it creates pleasure… and a successful building is one which is sustainable and breathes life by raising the standard of the built structure. For me true honest architecture should be harmonious in its design , technique, structure and the use of materials with the supports of local communities and foster an ecological balance., and for me this defines the aesthetic value of a building

— Mini M. Fowler

“It’s not rocket science. It’s social science — The science of understanding people’s needs and their relationship with art, literature, history, music, work, philosophy, community, technology and psychology. The act of design is structuring and creating that balance. ”

— Clement Mok, Canadian Graphic Designer